Invisible little things

Native English speakers hold a tiny superpower. One which gives them an advantage they're not often aware of.

Without making an effort to change it, I was comprehending English information with little efficiency as I usually did with my native language. A native English speaker can easily absorb English information in any form. That has an impact when it comes to knowledge acquisition.

The discovery of ideas seems to be on the upside of humans. Whenever humans get better access to ideas and they make use of it, progress is prominent, that eventually leads to individual and collective impacts[1]. One major way to discover new ideas, is through internet. And most of it is written in English[2]. A native speaker will find comfort and have an easier time making use of it than others. That's a big deal.

I would probably not come to think or write about it if I were a native speaker. If thats the case, How many of those tiny superpowers lay on our behalf that we do not think about?.

[1] A great read is dkb’s essay -

[2] Further reading -